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We are not compensated by any of the resorts, inns, restaurants, etc that are reviewed on this website. Everything stated is our personal experiences, your experiences may be different.

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Welcome to Lori and Keith's web site, www.weloveourlife.com.

We have pages that contain reviews from our vacations and our visits to various Bed & Breakfasts. Both Lori and Keith have traveled extensively around the world. For the past few years we have written up our experiences during our travels with the idea of helping other travelers with their travel plans. We write up our personal experiences. We are not compensated by any of the resorts, inns, restaurants, etc. Take a look and maybe we can recommend some restaurants and/or attractions that we enjoyed very much. Please use the search tool to find pages about a specific state or area.

Be sure to check out our "Best of ..." page. We felt that we should give special notice to B&Bs, resorts, and restaurants that went that little extra to make our experiences memorable. We highly recommend places that we have listed as "Best of weloveourlife.com".

Of course there are pictures of our sister cats Prosecco and Shiraz. We also have pictures of our cat Stephanie who we miss dearly after 18 1/2 years together. We have other picture pages that contain memories from our various trips. One page contains tacky tourist pictures that we took during our travels. We like to enhance our trips with some lighter moments. Another page contains pictures of sunsets from places that we have visited.

Our Food and Drink Review section contains information about different food and drink, including some of our own recipes.