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In October 2010, we adopted two kittens, Prosecco and Shiraz. They definitely changed our lives, usually for the better. This page is dedicated to our little bundles of joy.

On this page are some pictures of the two of them together during their first few months with us. To see them as they grow, click on the year to see those pictures.

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We Are Growing!!

About 2 pounds each

About 4.5 pounds each

About 8 pounds each
(they no longer fit on a lap)
Prosecco and Shiraz relaxing on the back of the chair. Prosecco and Shiraz sleeping on the back of the sofa.
Sleeping is tough work! Prosecco and Shiraz on the chair together. Prosecco is on the right and Shiraz on the left.
Prosecco and Shiraz cuddling together on their fleece blanket. Shiraz is on the left and Prosecco is on the right.
These two kittens love to be together. Here they are laying on top of the couch together. This is one of our favorite pictures. We happened to see them laying together and they looked so cute. Obviously we couldn't pose them like this.
Someone forgot to tell our kittens that a scratching pad is for scratching, not relaxing. Keith with the kittens napping on him.