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Log Cabin Inn
Bailey Island, ME 04003

Log Cabin Inn Home Page

August 2008

Welcome to www.weloveourlife.com. This is our page dedicated to our experiences while staying at the Log Cabin Inn on Bailey Island, Maine.

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We stayed in the Harpswell suite. This is one of the nicest, most comfortable places we have ever stayed. They thought of just about everything. It was a stand-alone two story unit.

On the first floor is a large living area with tile floor, comfortable couch and lounge chair, and a TV. There is also a gas stove for cool nights. There is a full bathroom with a shower. The sliding door leads out to a covered patio overlooking the water (the view is west towards the sunset).

On the patio are a couple chairs and a table, as well as a two-person hot tub. There are even hooks for hanging robes and towels.

The second floor contains a sitting area with Berber carpet and light (whitewashed) wood paneling on one wall and accents throughout. There was a lounge area with a loveseat, lounge chair, and another gas stove.
There was a small kitchen with stainless steel appliances (including dishwasher, microwave, oven/stove, and side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker) and granite countertops, with a small breakfast bar and two stools. There was also a table for two in front of a window.

The sliding doors led out onto a deck furnished with chaises, and a table and two chairs with a great view of the water.

There was a bedroom with a closet and very comfortable king-size bed and a small TV. There was also a small second-story deck off the bedroom with two chairs on it.

There is an additional full bathroom off the bedroom with a large vanity, a double-headed shower, and a single Jacuzzi tub. Robes were thoughtfully provided, as well as plenty of towels and beach towels for the hot tub.

They pretty much thought of everything – even providing some bottled water in the refrigerator. There were plenty of local magazines and guides. The décor was casual and beachy yet very nice. There really wasn’t anything we would add. The owners are making an effort to go “green” as much as possible. There were many windows (with blinds that shut out the light at night) that afforded spectacular views. Note that this was their premier suite – we’re sure the other accommodations are nice too. We would definitely go back to this place.

Inn Amenities

There is an outdoor heated pool that overlooks the water. Pool towels are provided. Other than that, the major plus of this place is its setting. In the lounge area near the front entrance there is a computer with Internet access available for guest use, as well as games and books.

Inn Food

Log Cabin offers dinner to guests. It must be pre-ordered by 3 p.m. and seatings are available from 6 to 6:30 p.m. We had dinner there our first night. Keith had a wonderful filet mignon with all the trimmings. He said it was excellent and had no fat on it. The entrees came with salads and wonderful bread. Lori had a pasta entrée with scallops and shrimp. The scallops were big and fresh but the shrimp was of the small salad variety and wasn’t as fresh. The light pesto sauce was very good. We had wine with our meal. It’s a great service to offer guests. The dining room is charming – it is wood-lined and almost reminded us of an Adirondacks lodge. There are large glass windows that look out over the water and the tables are positioned to take advantage of the view. We thought that only serving dinner to guests made it nice and private and having them pre-order a few hours ahead is a great idea as that way the hosts can get/make only what they need. The dining room was busy – several of our fellow guests chose to have dinner at the inn. All said the food was excellent.

The breakfasts really stood out (breakfast is included with the room). Coffee is of course available. We aren’t coffee drinkers and asked if it was possible to get unsweetened iced tea, and they happily complied with our request. We noted that the following two mornings they remembered our preference and brought us out large glasses of strong, fresh iced tea – we give them points for that! Breakfast always started with fruit – fresh melon, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Next was a bread or pastry course – we don’t know if the inn makes their bread products or gets them elsewhere but be forewarned they are VERY good. We sampled flaky pastries, lemon-poppy bread, blueberry muffins, wonderful rolls, etc. Our first morning there we had banana nut pancakes with lean, crunchy bacon – wonderful! The second morning we had eggs Benedict and home fries. Our final morning we had fresh made waffles. We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfasts. While we visited, breakfast was served from 8-9:30 a.m.

Inn Bar/Lounge

The inn does have a small bar – it’s not really the sort of place you would hang out, but rather permits them to serve beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). They had a small but decent wine selection, as well as beer and spirits. The bar is adjacent to the dining area.

Inn People/Service

We were greeted upon our arrival by Matt, the innkeeper (his mother owns the inn). He was very nice and explained about dinner and breakfast. When we went out to the pool we met his wife and two very-well-behaved young sons, and even spent some time in the pool talking to his father, who gave us lots of great tips about the area. Everyone we came into contact with – from the servers to the woman who cleaned the units – was unfailingly polite and genial.


The weather didn’t exactly cooperate while we were visiting (i.e., it was chilly and rainy). One day was fairly nice and we took a ferry ride on Casco Bay Lines' Island Romance. It took us around Casco Bay – it was two hours and only cost $14 each and was narrated. It was a good deal and a great idea – especially if you have kids. The boat departed from Cook’s Lobster House, very close to where we were staying.

Not surprisingly, we passed many lobster boats while cruising through the bay. The sail is not used for navigation, but rather to keep the boat in a specific location while checking their traps.
There is a natural rock phenomenon called the Giant Steps. We tried to go see it but the walkway was flooded from all the rain and there was a sign about plentiful poison ivy. It’s a beautiful, quiet little island and it’s nice to simply kick back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Also, there are wonderfully painted houses on the island.


As stated earlier, the first night we had dinner at the Log Cabin Inn and recommend it – although you need to be a guest at the inn to eat there and call ahead to reserve your choices.

Cook’s Lobster House - Route 24, Bailey Island, ME 207-833-2818
Cook's Web Site
We actually ended up eating here two nights in a row. On the first night we ate inside. This is a large wood-lined restaurant right on the water – the lobster traps are piled up outside and you know the selections are fresh. There are plenty of windows with great views. Lori had sautéed lobster over bread crumbs – it was absolutely delicious and nice and easy to eat. Keith (who doesn’t do shellfish) had chicken tenders and we split a bottle of white wine. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable, and didn’t rush us. This is a huge place and there is space for plenty of diners. There are a lot of booths, which is great.

The second night we ate outside on their deck – Moby’s Deck (very cute). That was a wise choice, as it pretty much rained the remainder of our time in Maine and this was the one chance we really had to eat outside. Lori had their delicious lobster roll – her first on this Maine trip (and one she ultimately determined was the best). Keith (the landlubber) had a chicken sandwich. Yeah, we know, we ate at the same place two nights in a row, but there aren’t a lot of dining options on this small island, and by eating inside one night and outside the following night, we got two different experiences. Lori recommends this place for the lobster. Keith enjoyed watching her eat the lobster.


DO NOT come to Bailey Island for the nightlife. It’s nonexistent. This island is drivable – you don’t need to get on a boat to get there – but it’s remote. You go there for the scenery and to relax and for fresh seafood, not to go to a disco.


OK, we probably aren’t the best to consult about the weather. We went in early August and from people we talked to and research we did, we understand that is supposed to be the nicest time of the year. Well, it wasn’t. On the first day we got there it was a bit humid but the sun came out a little and we could use the pool. By dinner time the fog had rolled in and we couldn’t see anything. We desperately wanted to sit in the hot tub after dinner and did so but had to get out when we saw lightning through the fog. The next day it rained until the afternoon and the temperature was in the 60s. Tuesday was the nicest day – sun and clouds but no rain. By the time we woke up Wednesday morning to leave it was pouring again. They told us this was unusual weather, but we also learned it had been raining in Maine for the past few weeks. If you go during the summer, don’t just take summer clothing – be sure to take pants and a jacket (and probably a rain slicker!). On the day when it was nice, when the sun went in, it got cool very quickly and went down to the upper 50s at night (very nice sleeping weather). We did not need air conditioning.

Tips and Suggestions

This is a place for those who want to kick back and relax. GPS allowed us to explore without worrying about getting lost – although when you’re on an island there is only so far you can go before hitting water! Bring some reading material, perhaps your iPod, and possibly binoculars to take in the scenery. And remember the weather changes quickly so make sure you have layers. Also – take the ferry tour. It’s inexpensive and worth it. In spite of the stormy weather the previous weeks the water was surprisingly calm and we didn’t really see anyone who looked seasick.