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The Inn at Lambertville Station
11 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530

Lambertville Station Home Page

December 1997

Welcome to www.weloveourlife.com. This is our page dedicated to our experiences while staying at The Inn at Lambertville Station, Lambertville, NJ.

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We went to the Inn at Lambertville Station for New Year's Eve 1997 and chose their most expensive package, which included a romantic suite with a fireplace, a bottle of champagne, a whirlpool, New Year's Eve party in their Riverside Room (which included hors d'ouevres, dinner, open bar, and dancing). The lobby was three stories high, yet seemed cozy. There is an honor bar in front of the fireplace. We boarded a quaint little elevator for our suite on the third floor. Each room/suite is individually decorated, and includes antiques. (The inn has approximately 40 rooms.) We were in an oriental suite, very tastefully decorated, yet comfortable; we did not feel as if we were in a museum. There were overstuffed chairs in front of a gas fireplace in an alcove, and a king-size bed. A bottle of champagne was chilling in an ice bucket. As we had checked in around 5 and the party did not start until 8, we put down our things, and decided to go to the restaurant for a drink. The restaurant is actually in a separate building, down a tree-lined walk. We braced ourselves for a chilly walk (it was around 20 degrees fahrenheit that evening and the wind chill was below zero). The bar at the restaurant is located downstairs and is very cozy. We had a couple drinks and some appetizers. We returned to our room, and sampled the whirlpool. Unfortunately, it was a single, and Lori dumped too much bubblebath in when she got in, so Keith never got the chance to soak in it. The room had plenty of amenities, including a full complement of soaps, shampoo, conditioner, etc. The bed was one of the most comfortable hotel beds we have ever slept in. There was a card for us to fill out for continental breakfast in the morning, which we figured would be a good idea after an evening full of libations. The basket of breads, fruit, and juices was left outside our door early in the morning.

Inn Amenities

The inn is mostly what we would describe as a "getaway," and targets corporate visitors during the week and antique-seeking couples on the weekends. There is no pool or health club.

Inn Food

The appetizers we sampled at the bar were good. The appetizers at the party were good, too. However, the entrees left something to be desired. The dinner was supposedly "surf and turf." We worked things out; Keith got both filet mignons and Lori got both lobster tails. The filet was as tough as old leather, and the lobster tasted as if it had been frozen too long, in a vat of smelly fish. We filled up on the appetizers, bread, and salad. Our compadres at our table expressed the same dissatisfaction with their meals. But seeing as it was New Year's Eve, the drinks kept flowing, and the less-than-satisfactory food was forgotten. Although we don't usually indulge in dessert, that night we ate every sweet that was put in front of us (to make up for the dismal entrees that we had pushed aside). The desserts were sweetly satisfying. Even though it was open bar, it should be noted that top shelf liquor was an option for no extra cost, and the champagne poured was definitely not the banquet-standard Andre. In addition, the band was excellent, and catered to every taste in music.

A brunch the following morning was included. It was fairly good but unremarkable. It was served in the Riverside Room (the same place as the party the night before). All signs of the previous night's mayhem had disappeared, but this room has lots of windows that overlook the Delaware River and was extremely bright. Everyone tried to choose seats not directly in the sun, which meant many tables were only partially full. Some shades would have helped, especially seeing all the bloodshot eyes on New Year's Day.

Inn Bar/Lounge

See above (under Accommodations). The bar was most pleasant and had a great atmosphere

Inn People/Service

Everyone we encountered at the Inn at Lambertville Station - those at the inn and the restaurant - were very pleasant and accommodating. Even those working the New Year's Eve party seemed genuinely happy to be there.


Lambertville, New Jersey is paradise for antique lovers. And New Hope, Pennsylvania (an artists' enclave, also full of whimsical shops and antiques) is only a walk across the bridge over the Delaware River. It is conceivable that you could come to Lambertville for a weekend, park your car, and not need it again until you leave.


There are many fine restaurants available in both New Hope and Lambertville, all within walking distance. If you go, be sure to ask your concierge or innkeeper for their particular recommendations. Also note that you will probably need a reservation for Friday or Saturday evenings.


There are a few clubs in New Hope that have live music. Be advised that this is somewhat of an "alternative" scene.


Lambertville is about one hour from Philadelphia and shares the same weather.


The Lambertville/New Hope area is so accessible on foot that it is best enjoyed during nice weather. Parking is at a premium.