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Welcome to the tequila page of weloveourlife.com. This page contains facts, recipes, and our personal ratings of tequila. We hope you enjoy learning about tequila as much as we do.

Our knowledge about tequila has grown immensely since we were first introduced to the more palatable tequilas while vacationing in Arizona. It all started when Keith wanted an after dinner drink one night and noticed "Sipping Tequilas" on the after dinner drink menu. This piqued his curiosity and the learning process about "good" tequila was born.

Tequila is an interesting liquor, and it is MUCH more than just for shots. The taste of the tequilas varies greatly, from a smooth, mild taste, to a spicy taste, to the cheap rot-gut most of us are familiar with.

Facts Types Our Ratings Recipes


Tequila is Mexico's national spirit. It may only be made in a certain area of Mexico, mainly in the state of Jalisco and is closely monitored by the Mexican goverment. Tequila is made from the blue variety of the plant called agave tequilana weber. This is more commonly known as "blue agave". Blue agave is a member of the lily family, although it is commonly mistaken to be a cactus.

Tequila is usually made of 100% blue agave, or 51% blue agave. The 51% blue agave tequilas are usually less expensive. The rest of 51% tequila is usually sugar water and/or corn liquor and other additives to make up the remainder of the tequila. The 100% blue agave tequilas are usually the better tasting and more expensive tequilas. Only the 51% tequila may be manufactured outside of Mexico.

Unlike the popular belief, there are no worms in true tequila. This was an American marketing ploy used to help sell the cheaper American-made tequilas. Mezcal also usually contains a worm.

Tequila is not the same as Mezcal. Tequila is a superior form of mezcal, similar to Cognac is a superior form of brandy. Tequila is made only from the blue agave plant, while mezcal can be made from different varieties of agave.

Types of Tequilas

There are four types of tequilas: Silver (Blanco), Gold (Oro), Reposado, and Anejo.

Silver, also known as Blanco or Plata, is bottled 0 to 60 days after distillation. It may be stored in stainless steel vats. The Silver tequilas are usually strong flavored and robust tasting.

Gold, also known as Oro or Joven, is the same as Silver/Blanco with coloring added. The Golds taste a lot like the Silvers although sometimes caramel and/or oak flavoring is added to them.

Reposado, also known as Rested, is aged in oak barrels between 2 and 12 months. The Reposados taste sharp and peppery.

Anejo, or Aged, is stored in oak barrels for at least one year. Anejos are very smooth tasting. For obvious reasons, these are usually the best tasting, and most expensive, tequilas.

Our Ratings

As you can see there are a variety of categories for tequila. We place them into one of "Sipping", "Mixing", and for lack of a better term "other". The "other" category is what we try to stay away from, it is the typical bar tequila that everyone relates to when you mention the word tequila.

The sipping tequilas are excellent for after dinner drinks. These tequilas are very smooth and tasty. Some are more peppery than others.

The mixing tequilas are also good, but not quite as smooth as the sipping ones. These are good for margaritas because of their smoothness and they are not as expensive as the sipping tequilas.

The others, we have tried, but did not like. We can not recommend them for sipping or mixing.

Here is our "grouping" of tequilas that we have tried. The order within the groups are alphabetical.

Sipping Tequilas
Cabo Wabo Cabo Wabo Casta Casta
Dueno El Dueno El Tesoro El Tesoro
Herradura Herradura Hussongs Hussongs
Lapis Lapis Patron Patron
Porfidio Porfidio Tenoch Tenoch
XQ Gran Reserve XQ

Mixing Tequilas
Cantera Cantera Cuervo 1800 Jose Cuervo
El Grito El Grito Margaritaville Oro Margaritaville
Sauza (Hornitos or Tres Generationes) Sauza Zafarrancho Silver Zafarrancho

Our Recipes

We are still working on this section. Please check back later.

Lori's Famous Killer Margaritas
3 oz. tequila Lori prefers to use Cantera or Zafarrancho
1 oz. triple sec for smoothness, Cointreau or Grand Marnier, or some mixture may be used
1 oz. lime juice Lori likes to use a mix of Rose's and fresh lime juice
2 slices fresh lime for a festive garnish, and for more lime flavor